Practice Round Times

Gopher Invitational

11:00 amUniversity of Utah
11:10 amUniversity of North Carolina-Charlotte
11:20 amUniversity of Iowa
11:30 amUniversity of Oklahoma
11:40 amSan Diego State University
11:50 amCoastal Carolina University
12:00 pmUniversity of Washington
12:10 pmUniversity of New Mexico
12:20 pmUniversity of Arkansas
12:30 pmNorth Carolina State University
12:40 pmPurdue University
12:50 pmMichigan State University
1:00 pmUniversity of Texas
1:10 pmUniversity of Minnesota (9 holes)
1:20 pmUniversity of Minnesota (9 holes)
1:30 pmUniversity of Minnesota (9 holes)
*Subject to change with team travel arrangements and will be updated, if necessary, one week prior to event